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Iowa 80 Truckstop Expands Again

Iowa 80 Truckstop Expands Again! (10/01/2001)

WALCOTT, IOWA — The World’s Largest Truckstop is currently working on yet another expansion project. Iowa 80 has built a new main entrance driveway just north of the old entrance. This new driveway makes way for Iowa 80′s plan to expand the gasoline islands, provide an employee parking lot, a bus parking area and more truck parking. “With the reimaging of Amoco fuel retailers to bp, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to rebuild our gas islands and move forward with the expansion.” says Jack Horan, General Manager.

The new gas islands will feature 10 single pump fueling lanes. The expansion also includes the addition of a designated employee parking lot, allowing the restaurant and travel store parking area to be completely available to customers. Adjacent to the employee parking area will be a reserved parking area for travel and tour buses that is easy to navigate for bus drivers and a short distance from the truckstop entrance. “Our customers are going to love these improvements. It is all designed to make traffic flow easier and faster so customers can get what they need and get back on the road.” Says Horan.

Iowa 80 Truckstop also plans to add an additional truck parking spaces to the current total of 800.