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Ray O’Hanesian Donates Kenworth to Iowa 80 Trucking Museum

WALCOTT, IOWA — Iowa 80 Trucking Museum has recently received a very generous gift from a long time trucking friend. Ray S. O’Hanesian, Bettendorf, Iowa has graciously donated his Kenworth KDC825C, the truck he has owned for over half of his life, to the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum. This truck is the last one of its kind that Kenworth produced. You may know the KDC825C by its common name, the “Bullnose”.

Ray’s truck the “Bullnose” had over 5.2 million miles on it when he stopped counting in 1998. Ray purchased the 1958 Bullnose for $25,000 this was expensive during his time. The truck has had many updates through the years. The original wheelbase of 264” was shortened to 224”, the current engine is a NTC 380 Cummins set up to 420hp, and the transmission has also been upgraded to a 5