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Taco Bell Closing Crew Member

Our Taco Bell team is looking for some night owls to help us close up our business and prepare for the next day.  Our closing team burns that night time oil working until midnight most nights.  Those late shifts take some getting used to.  It’s a great job for a college student with late morning/ afternoon classes. Our closing team gets the closes the current business day while preparing the business for the next workday ahead by pulling supplies for the shift, cleaning our equipment  and ensuring everything is in working order as we end our workday. Our business is fast paced and our closers have to be on their toes all the way to the end of their shift. Prior work experience is not required, this team works best with individuals who are hard working, take direction, and are customer focused. This is a great job for students taking classes. This position allows for some flexibility on the days worked. Current closing crew work from 4/5pm in the evening until 12am and 3 shifts per week. Our night owls are outgoing and friendly and are looking for co-workers who are the same way. Anyone can learn the tasks but it takes teamwork to make it happen.