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Iowa 80 Trucking Museum to Expand Exhibit Hall

WALCOTT, IOWA — Iowa 80 Trucking Museum is currently expanding the museum by adding on to the current truck Exhibit Hall.  The new addition will add an additional 21,600 square feet to the Exhibit Hall.  “We have more trucks that we want to share with the general public and this expansion will allow us to do that, as well as display select trucks that have been graciously loaned to us,” says Dave Meier, Museum Curator.

When complete, over 60 trucks will be exhibited at one time, double the current display.  “We will also be adding air conditioning to the entire Exhibit Hall,” says Meier. “Being able to control the building climate will not only make it more comfortable for our visitors, but will also help preserve of trucks on display.”

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum expects the newly expanded Exhibit Hall to open in December 2012.