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1938 Kenworth to Compete in Portion of Great Race Again!

CAT Scale’s 1938 Kenworth will be hitting the highway this summer to compete in a portion of the Hemming’s Motor News Great Race, a cross-country road rally of antique vehicles.   “We competed in over 10 Great Race events in the 1990s and early 2000s.  We also competed in a portion of the road rally in 2013. It’s exciting that we will be in it once again.” says Delia Moon Meier, CAT Scale Senior Vice President. “We know many of the competitors and staff. It will be fun to reconnect with them.”

CAT Scale’s 1938 Kenworth will compete from Cheyenne, Wyoming to its finish in Moline, Illinois; and it is the only semi-tractor in the cross-country competition.  Iowa 80 Trucking Museum is also hosting lunch for the racers on June 26th from 11:30 PM – 2:30 PM.  Racers will then head to the finish line in downtown Moline. The public is welcome to view the cars during the lunch stop.

The Great Race is a time/speed/endurance road-rally for vintage vehicles, manufactured at least forty-five years ago. The 2016 event will be run over nine days, starting in San Rafael, California on June 18th and ending on June 26th in Moline, Illinois.


2001 Great Race Gate - Littleton CO

2001 Great Race Gate – Littleton CO