The World's Largest Truckstops

Environmental Responsibilities


At all of our locations, we recycle the cardboard that boxes that our products are received in. All boxes are broken down and banded together for pick up by a local recycling company.

At our Corporate Headquarters we recycle cardboard and plastic soda bottles. We also use shredded paper from our office building as packing material in outgoing shipments from our IOWA80.COM Distribution Center.

We also reclaim waste oil from our Iowa 80 Truckstop Service Center and use it to heat and cool our Corporate Headquarters building.

We encourage all employees to recycle whenever possible.

Energy Conservation

Iowa 80 Group locations are designed with energy conservation top of mind.

  • Fluorescent lighting is used throughout Iowa 80 Group buildings to reduce energy consumption. Skylights and Kalwall are integrated into building designs to reduce the amount of artificial light needed during daytime hours.
  • All windows are low e glass to block heat from the sun and reduce cooling costs.
  • Exterior lighting at all locations is operated with photocells and timers to save energy.
  • Interior lighting in many of our stores are also operated with photocells
  • As we remodel facilities we are replacing the roofs with reflective “cool metal roofing” instead of black heat absorbing asphalt this saves up to 40% in summer cooling energy costs and can reduce urban air temperatures by as much as 12 degrees F according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Heated air curtains at all entrances control and block cold temperatures.
  • All exterior neon signage actually uses LED lights to save 30% in energy consumption.
  • Automatic entrance doors and extra large vestibules are used to control outside temperatures from entering the building. This saves a significant amount of energy used for heating and cooling.
  • All parking lot fixtures use 960 watt pulse bulbs, saving 70,000 watts of usage per year
  • Our Truckomat Truck Wash division works diligently to seek out opportunities to save energy and protect the environment. All Truckomat Truck Washes operate with energy saving lighting systems that use less wattage and last longer than traditional bulbs and fixtures. This means less discarded bulbs in local landfills and lower energy consumption.

Water Conservation

Many of our locations have battery operated toilets and hand faucets; that use less water.

Our automatic hand dryers also reduce paper waste.

We continue to include water-saving technology in our equipment specifications from mechanical dishwashers to faucets to truck wash equipment.

Water saving equipment has also been installed in public and in-house laundry areas.